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The rising value of properties, slowly crawling wages, and the sky rocketing inflation has left many homeowners in UK with a need of some additional funds. The money crunch has mostly affected the people who have already retired or are in the verge of retirement and planning a secured future.

Thanks to the equity release schemes that an option is still open for the house owners to tap some cash that they have invested in their homes. If you are one of the homeowners in the UK then these plans hold good for you too. They can provide you with the funds you require for lavish holidays, home repairs and or to take care of a comfortable retired life.

When Do You Need Us?


 The equity release, like most other financial products come with many different options. There are various providers available who offer many different schemes. However before moving ahead with a plan you need to evaluate the pros and cons to choose the best. Here is where we come in picture. Sage Equity Centre provides you with services of giving genuine professional advice so that you can make the right decision.

In case you are thinking of taking an equity release plan, our expert advisers can talk to you to know your exact requirements. They can then evaluate the present circumstances and expectations to guide you through the best available plans.

We also provide other financial services and advice on property investments. If you have some extra funds which you would like to invest in a property then we have some very lucrative solutions for you.

 Benefits of Releasing Equity


With an equity release plan you will get a lump sum amount of money that you can spend as and when you like. With some schemes you can even continue to live in your home till the time you are alive. So some of the benefits that an equity release can get you are

• Some extra cash for enjoying life – These days’ people are more healthy and active during their later years as compared to before. Rather than scuffing up the money that comes from pension you can use a bulk to have some good time. Travel to the destinations of your dreams, make additions to your home or simply keep the money as additional finances to completely enjoy the retirement years. The best part is, you can do all these while living in your own home.

• Help your children – It is becoming extremely difficult for young adults to get a head start in life. With some good education and financial backing they could secure a great future.

• Keep some additional money for later use – Who has seen the future? There may be some unforeseen expenditures on the card in your life later. Keep some money handy in case you need it later.

How Do Equity Release Plans Work


Most of the equity release schemes will provide you with lump sum cash. This cash can be used by you as deemed fit.

 The entire amount can be made available either immediately in full, or the fund provider may work out the utmost amount you can receive and offer you an initial sum. In case of the latter, the rest of the money will be reserved in an interest-free account. You will be able to use it over a period of time which will be pre-determined during the process.

So, if you are looking for some regular extra income then you can go in for plan which will give you a regular payment option.

How to Choose the Right Plan


There are several factors to think about before choosing the right scheme that suits your requirements. Some of these factors are

• The value of your home.

• How much fund do you require?

• What is your age at the time of opting for a scheme?

• Whether you desire to get a lump sum, a regular income or some of both.

All schemes may not be ideal for everyone. To choose the best one for your requirement you need some expert advice.

It is very important to weigh the pros and cons and all the funding options before you get yourself an equity release plan. Remember some of these schemes involve lifelong commitment and so you would definitely not like to choose the wrong option. Speak to a professional to determine what it is correct for you.

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We have guided many clients to take a correct financial decision. If you are in a dilemma about what is the correct decision that you should take, contact us and we will be there to help you.

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It is the most difficult time of your life when you lose your partner. When I faced this situation I was healthy enough to live but was strapped for cash. I was unwilling to move from my house. Sage Equity Centre got me an equity release scheme. I am happy once more!
Clifford K. Martinez

Happy Clients

A friend told me about Sage Equity Centre and I found them to be really cooperative and proficient with meticulous attention for every detail. Their services were prompt. I invested some money in a property through them and I would recommend their services to all. Good going guys!
Josh Gallagher