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Risks dealing with borrowers

It is common practice among lenders to run some sort of background check on those who apply for a loan or some other kind of financial scheme. Banks and other financial institutions do the same all the time. The basics of this practice seem quite self-evident, but as a matter of fact there is a lot more risk in such a deal than people often stop to consider. 

All investments are risky by nature, and from the point of view of a financing entity, or even individual, all loans and customer portfolios are investments as well. In many cases these settlements require the lender or granting entity to desimburse varying amounts of money, expecting even higher returns so they can make a profit. It is always a bet to the future, and not in all cases it pays off. For that reason, financing institutions must assess the risk in every operation and every customer, in order to decide whether or not they will engage in it, and if they do, what will be the terms under which such deal will be settled. Read More...

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It is the most difficult time of your life when you lose your partner. When I faced this situation I was healthy enough to live but was strapped for cash. I was unwilling to move from my house. Sage Equity Centre got me an equity release scheme. I am happy once more!
Clifford K. Martinez

Happy Clients

A friend told me about Sage Equity Centre and I found them to be really cooperative and proficient with meticulous attention for every detail. Their services were prompt. I invested some money in a property through them and I would recommend their services to all. Good going guys!
Josh Gallagher